Middle Route Charter Itinerary

An Unforgettable 7 Day Sail Of Picturesque Cays, Breathtaking Beaches & More
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Middle Route Charter Itinerary Base - Abaco Bahamas

Day One

Arrive in Marsh Harbour and let the adventure begin! When you check into our charter base at Abaco Yacht & Charter Services, we’ll have your boat waiting for you in the marina, ensuring a comfortable first night. You’ll have plenty of options to provision and enjoy the fabulous sites, restaurants and shops on the mainland. After reviewing the tides and weather forecasts, our expert team will craft a custom cruise plan tailored to your interests and the optimal weather conditions. Explore the local sites during the afternoon, and as the sun sets, immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of Abaco’s night sky while stargazing from the comfort of your boat’s cockpit.

Middle Route Charter Rentals Itinerary - Abaco Bahamas

Day 2

Set sail to Hope Town on Elbow Cay, a hidden gem waiting to be explored. As you arrive and secure your mooring ball in the charming harbour, immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant culture of this settlement. Discover the joy of fishing in these pristine waters, with abundant opportunities to troll a line and reel in your catch. Don’t miss the chance to climb the historic lighthouse, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding beauty. For a touch of local charm, wander through the museum and shops, where you’ll find unique treasures and keepsakes. When the day comes to a close, treat yourself to an unforgettable evening of cuisine and drinks at the remarkable local restaurants. Whether you choose to relax on the soft sands of the beach or indulge in the wonders of this captivating town, Hope Town promises an enchanting experience you won’t forget.

Middle Route Charter Rentals Itinerary Day 3 - Abaco Bahamas

Day 3

Set sail from Hope Town and venture south to a picturesque secluded beach. Indulge in a day of idyllic beach combing, refreshing swims, vibrant snorkeling and fishing. This anchorage is a haven for dinghy exploration, kayaking and paddleboarding. As the day draws to a close, savor a relaxing dinner aboard your yacht.

Pete's Pub LIttle Harbour Abaco Bahamas

Day 4

Continue your incredible adventure as you sail south to your next destination, a true gem along your journey, the picturesque oasis known as Pete’s Pub in Little Harbour. Grab a mooring ball in this beautiful sheltered anchorage and immerse yourself in the captivating culture and remoteness of it all. Enjoy an unforgettable lunch and Pete’s famous rum punch as you explore the breathtaking views of this charming artists’ settlement.

Middle Route Charter Rentals Itinerary Day 5 - Abaco Bahamas

Day 5

Today is a great 3/4 day sail up to Guana Cay, the home of beautiful beaches and fantastic places to explore. Enjoy an afternoon at Grabbers on the beach with incredible snorkeling, sunning, and swimming. Afterward, take a short trek up to famous Nippers to enjoy their renowned rum punch and the amazing beach. Dive into the crystal clear waters, immerse yourself in the Caribbean charm and create unforgettable memories with the breathtaking beauty of Guana Cay.

Middle Route Charter Rentals Itinerary Day 6 - Abaco Bahamas

Day 6

Pick up the hook and set sail to the boat building capital of the islands, Man-O-War Cay. Visit Albury’s Boat Building & Canvas Shop and stroll through this enchanting settlement while you uncover the fascinating history of this peaceful and charming island. Afterwards, enjoy a night on the hook and take in the breathtaking sunset.

Abaco Bahamas Sunrise

Day 7

Good Morning from Man O’ War Cay! Take in the morning beauty of the Sea of Abaco and embrace the serenity of our island paradise as you embark on your 8 mile sail back to the Abaco Yacht & Charter Services base.

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