How To Maintain The Sail Drive

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Welcome back to an evening edition of the Captain’s Log. Set sail on Katrina, a How-To guide on maintaining the sail drive, plus, special spring break coverage.  By the way, we’ve getting hammered with spam form fills with the new site update so if you sent in a request for charter and haven’t heard form us, please reply to this email so that we can follow up with you. We are taking steps to limit this impact and have been making progress but we don’t always know for sure what submissions are, and are not, legitimate. 

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How To Maintain The Sail Drive

Learning how to maintain your boat’s sail drive is essential for ensuring smooth sailing and extending the lifespan of your vessel’s propulsion system. Regular upkeep includes tasks such as inspecting seals and gaskets, checking fluid levels, and greasing bearings. Understanding the sail drive’s components and their functions empowers sailors to detect and address potential issues early on. Learning proper maintenance techniques not only enhances the performance and efficiency of the sail drive but also minimizes the risk of unexpected breakdowns while at sea. With diligence and attention to detail, sailors can navigate confidently, knowing their sail drive is well-maintained and ready for any voyage.

Best Practices To Maintain The Sail Drive

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6 Tips To Maintain The Sail Drive

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Servicing The Yanmar Sail Drive

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