Happy Mother's Day From Abaco Yacht & Charter Services!

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AYNCS Captain’s Log

Happy Mother’s Day to all those wonderful women out there who work day in and day out being awesome. I know our family is blessed with a swath of super moms and we hope you’re day of celebration is everything you want it to be. For those of you looking to spoil mom today, check out what is in store below. 

We’re so glad to have you and a warm welcome to the newest members of the Captain’s Log crew. We’ve grown by 35 new members this month. 

– Sam 


Abaco Bahamas Weather February 25-27

Abaco Crossing Forecast

This week’s crossing forecast outlook is showing a lot of clear conditions early with some mixed up seas in the mid week stretch, before calming down going into the weekend. Let us know where you’re sailing next on Facebook, Instagram, or message us through our Contact Form.

Cash Discounts On Your Next Charter With AYNCS Anywhere In The World!

Forward this email to a friend or friends, with the button below (yes it has to be done with the button) and you’ll be eligible for a cash discount on your next charter with AYNCS anywhere in the world!

How does it work? The link will open a new window where you can put in the name and email address of your friend. When you send this off, we’ll get a notification that you completed the forward from our email management client. This is how we will know who did and did not forward the email, assuming you did actually use the button below.

Oil Change Service On Boat Engines & Generators

Regularly changing the oil in boat engines and generators is crucial for maintaining their performance and longevity. Over time, oil can become contaminated with dirt, debris, and combustion byproducts, leading to reduced lubrication efficiency and potential damage to the engine. By adhering to a scheduled oil change regimen, boat owners can ensure optimal engine function, lower the risk of costly repairs, and prolong the life of their marine equipment to enhance safety and reliability while out on the water.

Check out this column from boatUS. The suggested interval for new boats is every 20 hours for the first 100 hours and then following the manufacturer suggested change out interval, usually in the 50-100 hour range. 

Looking For Navigare Or DreamYacht?

At AYNCS, we have access to the entire Navigare and DreamYacht fleet around the globe and stand behind our stellar AYNCS booking experience no matter where you book. For the best bang for your buck on your next charter, start your reservation today!

On The Hunt Again!

With an ever increasing demand, we are looking to add another 3 or 4 stateroom powercat to the AYNCS fleet. Fully managed with local ground support and personal attention to the vessel, you will be partnering with the community, not just a company. Know someone who may be interested? Tap on the picture below and type in their email in the new tab page with the message, “Check out the section, ‘On the hunt again!’ at the bottom” and we’ll keep your name on the list for future cash discounts on your charters anywhere in the world. 

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