It's Abaco Regatta Time!

Join Us For The Thrilling Abaco Regatta 2024 Sailboat Race
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AYNCS Captain’s Log

Good morning everyone. Thanks for checking back in to the Captain’s Log this week. This community is a joy to be a part of and we hope you have also found it inspiring and welcoming. These islands will whisk you off your feet and have you fall in love with life all over again. 

We have exciting news about the Abaco Regatta this year, so mark your calendars to join us for another fantastic racing tour of the Abacos this summer. With older rum, faster boats, and younger spirits, we eagerly anticipate this year’s regatta!

We’re so glad to have you and a warm welcome to the newest members of the Captain’s Log crew. We’ve grown by 5 new members so far this month, and if you haven’t checked, we’re only 2 days in! 

– Sam 

Abaco Bahamas Weather February 25-27

Abaco Crossing Forecast

Things kicked up the last few days but are starting to settle down and appear to stay that way for the next 7-10 days. Stay tuned on social for the updates. Let us know where you’re sailing next on Facebook, Instagram, or message us through our Contact Form.

Abaco Regatta 2024 Is Just Around The Corner!

No matter from where your journey begins, when you sail with strangers here in Abaco, you are almost certain to leave with new lifelong friends. And with RITA 2024 on the horizon, you might just want to get your boat reserved so you can experience this once in a lifetime event and make those never forget memories with friends new and old! Join us for the Abaco Regatta!

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Tying Up

Having watched dad tie up countless times, there are some times when I wonder how he knows when to use which knots and it just comes as easily as walking for him. It’s second nature. I thought it might be helpful for you all as well to have a little insight on a few knots and when to use them. So, I dropped a few videos in here for you to check them out. Hope it comes in handy! 

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