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Plus - Quick Tips On Choosing & Maintaining Your Boat Dock Lines
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AYNCS Captain’s Log

Good morning everyone. Thanks for checking back in to the Captain’s Log this week. This community is a joy to be a part of and we hope you have also found it inspiring and welcoming. These islands will whisk you off your feet and have you fall in love with life all over again. Bring the family, experience incredible charter yacht rentals in Abaco and watch the magic happen.

We’re so glad to have you and a warm welcome to the newest members of the Captain’s Log crew. We’ve grown by 17 new members this month. 

– Sam 

Abaco Bahamas Weather February 25-27

Abaco Crossing Forecast

Well that changed fast. Things were not looking very good last night and it’s refreshing to see the seas calming down for Monday. It looks like it will be a good week, but just as fast as the conditions can change for the better, they can change for the worse. Stay tuned on social for the updates. Let us know where you’re sailing next on Facebook, Instagram, or message us through our Contact Form.

Charter Yacht Rentals – The Perfect Family Getaway

Coming to Abaco is unique in and of itself, but bring the family, and watch the magic happen. Not to mention the cost of a week long family charter yacht rental is often times less than that of going to the major amusement parks. And, we promise you won’t have 2 hour lines and utter chaos. Just you and your favorite people in the world, cutting through warm silky water, uninterrupted time to connect over the beauty all around you.

Abaco Family Yacht Charter Rentals

All On The Ropes

It’s struck me recently, the ropes are a vital aspect of boat operation but often overlooked until they become a problem. So I asked, how should they be maintained and how long do they last, especially given the conditions and demand to which they are subjected. 

Abaco Yacht & Charter Services Power Cats - Special Feature

So I got to looking like any astute researcher, and headed for Google. Turns out a lot of people must be asking this question. Not only that but also how to choose the right lines.

Here are a few links to check out for choosing the right lines, how to maintain your lines, and when they should be replaced. 

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